Catherine Cooke Montrose

Catherine Cooke, author of the MASK OF THE WIZARD and THE WINGED ASSASSIN fantasy trilogies, is also Catherine Montrose, the author of dark fantasy THE WENDIGO BORDER. 
She lives in Washington State with two grown sons, an engineer husband, and two standard poodles.  She is currently working on an epic medieval fantasy, THE GENTLEFOLK WAR, and a young adult series, THE WAYFINDERS..

MASK OF THE WIZARD begins an epic quest fantasy where wizards brood over generations of wrongs and soldiers and priestesses are swept into the power struggles of the nobility.  VEIL OF SHADOW and THE HIDDEN TEMPLE complete the trilogy.

THE WINGED ASSASSIN series follows a hero whose quest for revenge sets him on a deadly path that threatens all that he comes to love.  REALM OF THE GODS and THE CRIMSON GODDESS continue the story..

THE WENDIGO BORDER is a contemporary dark fantasy set around Laramie, Wyoming.  College student Darcy Jacobi discovers her magical heritage, a daunting responsibility to defend the border between our world and an ancient otherworld.  For more information, click on "My Books.".